Empower the Dreamers | About us
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About us

Damini Patidar
Founder & CEO

Damini is an alumni of Penn State University, currently involved professionally within the medical field. She has offered a helping hand to numerous organizations, and to those in need. As a teenager, her aspiration was to nurture a nonprofit organization that would purpose itself in providing financial aid to underprivileged individuals for their academic needs. Throughout her academic endeavors, she saw a plethora of examples whereby individuals would struggle to fund their education–this reinforced her dream. She believes that every student should have an unrestricted, equal opportunity to post secondary education. Empower the Dreamers is her initiative towards this means.

Ashraya Ananthanarayanan
Operations Manager

Ashraya is an undergraduate student at Harvard University, pursuing Legal Studies in the future. She is an avid pilot, and pianist, and has to her credits esteemed awards, such as the Women’s Aviation Scholarship, the Congressional Award, the PAGE award, the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Award, FBLA award, and several others. She supports the cause of provisions for scholarships for all those who are underprivileged, since she believes that education is the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Mission


Empower the Dreamers is a 501(c)(3) incorporated organization that strives to promote a brighter tomorrow by aiding students worldwide in their educational endeavors. It is an organization that promotes education for all, and provides scholarships for those who are underprivileged and unable to ascertain the education that every individual deserves. As an organization, through the cooperation of educators, educational institutions, volunteers, and students, Empower the Dreamers hopes to ensure that all who strive for an education receive one, because, together, we enable today’s students, and empower tomorrow’s world.

Enabling today’s students, empowering tomorrow’s world.